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Clicktracker was built by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. Its not bloated or confusing, its precise and functional. Through our career we have tested and overpaid for every tracking software out there. This is why we built Clicktracker and offer it to the market now at a reasonable price. For established companies, startups and influencers, there is no better software and price point out there!


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  • Getting start with an affordable tracking software allows you to work with multiple offers and advertisers, with centralized tracking for optimal results and KPI tracking.
  • Offer rotation and A/B testing is crucial for your success, especially when working with multiple and new offers.
Small Teams

Small Teams

  • Full admin access to the tracking platform with the ability to create unlimited affiliates, offers and advertisers is a necessity to maintain growth.
  • Customizable user access roles allow you to create logins from view only accounts, to managers, to multiple admins with different permissions.
Large Teams

Large Teams

  • Multiple installs for multiple teams allow your affiliates to protect their brand while giving access to their unaffiliates.
  • Low-cost packages with millions of clicks at unbeatable prices allow you and your teams to scale up and maximize your profits. Don’t let tracking costs be an obstacle to your success

How Clicktracker helps you succeed

  • Uptime and stability. Being Amazon hosted and Cloudflare protected allows those industry leaders to help us provide you the peace if mind you deserve.
  • Autobot is our proprietary and fully SMS and SMTP/POP/IMAP integrated auto responder. If you pass an email or sms number in your tracking URL, we can trigger a sequence of messages automatically.
  • Offer paths is a unique feature we offer that provides you full A/B split testing, A/B/C rotation, and weighted rotations. Something no other tracking has!
  • Multiple installs (brands) for large teams are something no one else offers. This allows you affiliates to each have their own install and protect their brand while giving access to sub-affiliates.
  • Simple and precise UI with robust drill down reporting helps you get the true insight in to you traffic that you need.
  • Built in at no cost, bot and fraud protections will allow you to ensure the clicks you are seeing are accurate, real and worth every penny.
  • User role customization gives you the ability to allow endless user experiences, from a restricted view only “agent” login, to multiple “admins” with diff permissions, it is totally flexible.
  • Simple URL tracking and pixel generation keeps it easy for users to get what they need. Encode parameters, pass emails and phone numbers, and track those engagers.
  • When passing emails and phone numbers, validate them on the fly with multiple fully integrated validation services.
  • When passing emails and/or phone numbers, push that data out to multiple integrated data management platforms to monetize that important data.
  • Build and post out, your blacklisted and unsubscribed users from an internal unsubscribe link, automatically blocking that user on future visits.
  • Manually or automatically blacklist IPs to keep abusers, complainers and banned users from visiting your links again.